Larsen Home is a brand owned Shoplight Germany Sdn Bhd based in Malaysia.

Malaysian laws apply to all our terms and conditions

Larsen Home operates with a 14 day complaints period after delivery. Any complaints require to be in writing and if received later than 14 days after delivery may lead to inadmissibility of this complaint.

Any communicated discounts are not added up but the highest of the applicable discounts will be processed.

The buyer accepts that the seller operates on the principle that goods are replaced by goods.

For the purpose of money laundering regulation, Larsen Home only accepts payments from the money remitter if the name and address of the money remitter corresponds with the name and address of the customer to whom the invoice is sent. If payments are done by another party than the customer, the customer is obliged to inform Larsen Home accordingly and send a written explanation.

We would like to explicitly make you aware of phishing emails. Therefore, Larsen Home will never provide new bank details by email. For our bank details, please check our terms of orders and payments. In case of doubt, contact us directly sales representative.

Our working language is English, if any other language is used in parallel, the english text prevails.